A La Card Chicago

A La Card Chicago is a deck of food cards that gives you $10 off $25 for participating restaurants. I bought one last year and am really happy I did so. It’s a great way to try out new restaurants, explore different neighborhoods and save some money! Just be sure to tip on the full amount! Sometimes Living Social has a deal on this. Last month I checked out Floriole with a few friends. The sweets were fantastic, fresh ingredients and great space. Has anyone else bought A La Card? Any restaurant recommendations to check out from this year’s deck?




Monthly Cooking Night with the Ladies

Last year at Gourmet Chicago I was watching a chef demo and thinking about how thousands of people who love eating, cooking and all other culinary things gather for this event every September. I got the idea to get together with two of my close friends once a month and cook something awesome! We’ve been doing this just over a year and I am truly happy we get to do this. It’s a great chance to catch up, bond, learn to cook new things and feast!

Here’s a few pictures from November cooking night! We decided to make salad (with sunflower seeds, chicken, avocado and black beans), garlic bread, veggie patties and chicken wings! I am picture 4 &5.