Learn to Make Sushi at Dabble

Dabble offers classes on craft, cooking, dancing and just about anything you can think of! I’ve always wanted to learn to make sushi, so I took their sushi making class, taught by Joelen.

Joelen  started the class by asking us to name our favorite sushi roll and introduce ourselves. Unagi for me! Some people were there for fun, other wanted to learn a new skill and one couple was celebrating an anniversary. She told us about the importance of  rice in sushi. It is crucial to start with good rice and cook it properly. Sushi is all about the rice! Surprised? I was! There are hundreds of rice varieties! Short grain rice works best for sushi. Joelen was taught to make rice using the “first knuckle measure”, where you fill your pot up to the first knuckle when boiling water. This method is so simple, she said you can teach small kids to make rice using it.

It is also vital to get fresh, quality ingredients for your sushi. Joelen explained that it is better to shop for fresh fish and ingredients in asian markets, as the supply is constantly being replenished. Check out asian grocery stores- like Joong Boo in Chicago and Super H Mart in Niles.

Now the exciting part-Joelen showed us how to roll sushi with a bamboo mat. Cover it with plastic and put a thin layer of rice and toppings on it. We had our choice of fresh fish, veggies and toppings. Check out this fresh, delectable spread!








Rolling my first roll!



Cutting the roll.


My first sushi roll didn’t turn out so well haha!

Others made some truly beautiful and Instagram worthy rolls 🙂 So jealous!


I started getting the hang of sushi making with my second roll 🙂 Practice makes perfect!

2nd roll

Joelen explained that practice makes perfect! We made several rolls and experimented with various ingredients. Afterwards, participants took home the tasty leftovers.It was a lovely, laid back, hand on and interactive class.

Be sure to check out her upcoming sushi making classes!

Joelen also teaches various other cooking classes such as Filipino cooking, paella and many more.