Community Dining- Paleo Dinner

I recently attended the Community Dining Paleo Dinner. Community Dining is Paul Sippil’s wonderful concept focusing on strengthening social bonds through communal dining!

This event focused on gathering people to get to know each other, try tasty local food at Uncommon Ground, eat tasty paleo treats and learn about the paleo lifestyle.


– We gathered on a rainy Spring day.

Helen, cofounder of Uncommon Ground kicked off the event by talking about the restaurant’s awesome beginnings. They wanted to create a community center with a focus on health and local food. They had worked in the restaurant industry and wanted to truly provide something high quality. They were determined to source things as locally as possible and create a wonderful and flavorful menu.

Paleo Food 13

-Tomato arugula salad with prosciutto and chips! Tastefully simple 🙂

Casey from Paleo Prime Foods, talked about how he got into paleo eating. He had a terrible diet and was feeling its effects. He moved towards eating good food, taking care of his body and embraced the paleo diet. Paleo Prime makes grain free, almond based and natural treats.

Paleo Food 9.jpg

– Risotto on a chilly rainy day is amazing!

Charlotte, registered dietician and health educator at Eating With Ease, explained the paleo lifestyle in depth. The main interpretation is on avoiding grains, processed foods, dairy and eating as close to how humans initially ate. There are various interpretations of the paleo diet, but its main focus is eating clean and unprocessed food. She explained the importance of sleep, treating your body well and chewing food! “Chewing makes you happy!” – because it releases serotonin!


Paleo Food 10

– Perfectly seasoned chicken!


– Chocolate cake mmm


– Me, Paul and Vanessa


– Definitely family style eating!


– Vanessa and me!

Thank you Vanessa, for the lovely and appetizing pictures! Be sure to check out Paul’s other upcoming events!



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